About Me

Morris Art Photo


Born in Naples on 26/02/1963, Maurizio Sodano attended some Neapolitan photographic studies in the ’80s, deepening his photographic technique. The technical competence and the constant and careful research of new perspectives of the dynamics of the real strongly characterize its original and communicative style. His photographic cycles capture and tell intimate realities, in which feelings and emotions emerge, inviting the observer to reflection and introspective investigation.

Since 2014 he has begun to take part in artistic events and international photographic contest  showing high-level works :

Artistic events

2014 Frattamaggiore – Museo Nuovo – “Atmosfere – percezioni del visibile e dell’invisibile”

2014 Brescia – Complesso Monumentale Chiesa San Filippo e Giacomo – “Artisticamente donna”

2014 Perugia – Complesso Museale Rocca Paolina – “Arte ed evoluzione”

2014 Sarno – Consorzio Bonifica Integrale – “Aqua : A Aqua Nascimur” – Prof. Angelo Calabrese

2014 Roma – Domus Romana – “Joyful Color 4 Christmas”

2014 Orta di Atella – Castello di Casapozzano – “Arte : carne e passione” – Prof. Angelo Calabrese

2015 Londra – “An Art Research”

2015 Lauro – Salone San Filippo Neri – “Lauro : l’arte della libertà” – Prof. Angelo Calabrese

2016 Perugia – Centro Espositivo Rocca Paolina – Biennale Arte Contemporanea di Perugia

Personal photo exhibition

2018 Forio d’Ischia – Museo Civico del Torrione – “Island Inside”

2018 Napoli – WeSpace Art Gallery – “Intro”

2019 Perugia – Presentation of the project “Water. Visions and words”

2019 Forio d’Ischia – Museo Civico del Torrione – “Water. Visions and words”

2019 Napoli – WeSpace Art Gallery – “Water. Visions and words”