Art : female body and passion

A master of writing with light proposes the female body, to make visible, beyond any common pose, a very ductile source of communication. It responds in the sense of the eloquent geometries that physical dimensions can represent. The speech perfectly fits the communicative possibilities of vitality which, without having metamorphic variations, tells, passing from the psychological to the representative of a state of mind, a universally valid sense indicator such as the language of the birds. For the artist, the art-body model, very mobile, even in a temporary stop, allows you to communicate all over the world, acquiring it self  the knowledge.

The form of light, which arouse chromatic life everywhere, are the same as the photographer uses to amplify the horizons of his writing. the body answers fully, if called, to be representative of an event in progress, in which all dimensions of the senses, reason and feeling are involved.

Angelo Calabrese

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