DivinaDEA – Photographic Art Project

The Divina DEA artistic project by Maurizio Sodano has two souls – one ancient and the other contemporary – which reflect, compare and refer to the truths and lies of their respective narratives. Once again, the Neapolitan artist uses the knowledge of the technological tool and, working by subtraction, carries out a search for the sensitivity largely lost by the culture of the technologically advanced West. And the aesthetic result is presented to us through images, the stories that explore female subjectivity – from the cosmogonies and mythologies of classicism to the symbolic and, sometimes, stereotypical imagery of the modern age – and the transformations that its representation has undergone in the different historical eras.
The photographic art sequence shows us Artemide, the virgin goddess of hunting and protector of girls

and then the mermaid Partenope, who died, according to legend, where Castel dell’Ovo now stands, in the first places of the birth of Neapolis.

He also tells us of Cassiopea, whose arrogance and vanity was punished by the god Poseidon,

and of Penelope, who waited for twenty years for Ulysses to return from the Trojan War,

to then move on to Floris, the divinity of the spring festivals dear to the Romans.

And he lingers, in the end, on the figure of the Sibilla, which belongs to Greek and Roman history and mythology. The Sibille were virgins inspired by the god Apollo and endowed with prophetic virtues, but the Cumaean Sibilla is represented here, portrayed in the places of Campania history.

If in his previous works, Maurizio Sodano had happily surprised us by the decontextualization of corporate life, in DivinaDEA the author revisits the feminine in the light of a possible contemporary representation. The photographic staging, however, remains faithful to the artist’s style and his research on the world, thanks to its essentiality, even in the choice of ordinary women who interpret the mythical figures. They are not models, but real people you can meet on the streets of your city. They are incarnations that express the natural beauty and timeless moral strength of women, who ultimately reject that symbolic violence – which often leads to physical violence – that the female image and real women have had to endure since the beginnings of culture. dominant patriarchal that has marked the path of the homo sapiens species on planet Earth up to the present days.

Vincenzo Villarosa

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