Intro – photographic exhibition in Naples

In the works that are part of Intro, the solo exhibition of photographic art by Maurizio Sodano that will take place from the 20th to the 30th of October at the Wespace Art Gallery in Naples, immediately strike the decontextualization of the performance  formed by elements that come from everyday life and the use of photography as an instrument of knowledge of the world, together with the sphere,  “alien” presence but at the same time ironic symbol of the human (im)perfection.

The basic material and cultural elements, shooted by the Neapolitan artist with great skill through the technological instrument, recall the background of the natural, historical and affective existence of human beings, through images of great expressive power . These make us think of the inability to get out of the often “invisible” cages of corporate roles and individualism passed out for freedom, which no longer knows how to recognize one’s humanity in the diversity of others lives. 

The artistic microinstallations reproduced, however, await more than suggesting, the reflections of the observer.

The photographic art of Maurizio Sodano is aware of the possibilities and the communicative limits that it proposes itself. Consequently, from “Prisoner of Memories” to “pun” to “Migrantes”, “Narcissus” and beyond, the micronarrations for images refer to a broader dramaturgy and offer themselves to the active participation of the social and cultural environment of which they take part, and that the artist represents in its essentiality.

Vincenzo Villarosa

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