Water. Visions and words – photographic exhibition

Flipping through the pages of the visual poem “Water. Visions and words” of Maurizio Sodano, we feel the physical sensation, beyond that intellectual, of a beneficial return to the vital element from which we come and to which we will all return, after our “appearance” as human beings. The words of the great French philosopher Michel Foucault come to mind, who wrote important reflections on human societies and on the relationship between men and women with natural elements and, among the pages of his monumental work, Madness in the Classical Age, defined the water as a simple and primitive liquid belongs to what in Nature is purer. Adding that, despite the changes made by the not always benevolent work of man, the return to the limpid water assumes the meaning of a purification ritual; in this transparent freshness one is reborn to one’s own innocence. In this sense, the hypnotic images of Sodano accompany us in a journey of “memory”, beyond the individual and collective existence of the human species and its “civilization”, which has often been  removed from its “natural” belonging, or has even nourished the arrogant “historical” design of dominating Nature, with disastrous results. We are reminded by the details of artistic photography which lead us to see with a renewed wonder what we now look at in an expected way. The memory of water, therefore, evoked by the images “Water. Visions and words”, it is the artistic awareness of belonging to a wider dimension of being in the world and the vital feeling that sustains it, always and forever.

Vincenzo Villarosa

The photographic exhibition “Water. Visions and words” at the Villa Pignattelli in Corciano from 18th May 2019.

The photographic exhibition “Water. Visions and words” at the Civic Museum of the Torrione in Forio d’Ischia from 25th May 2019.

The photographic exhibition “Water. Visions and words” at the WeSpace Art Gallery in Naples from 22th June 2019.


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